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01. Our Mission

Be the professional association of software engineers.

  • Build a strong community
  • Advocate for members
  • Provide mentorship
  • Provide benefits

02. Our Approach

Build the professional association nationwide.

  • Run a federal company based in Vancouver
  • Lobby governments
  • Help monetize open source of members
  • Sign discount deals with suppliers
  • Create a mentorship network
  • Host Meetup events across the nation
  • Create leading edge content
  • Advertise great employment opportunities
  • Be a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade

03. Our Philosophy

Be active, diverse, and ethical.

  • Have an active and engaged membership
  • Increase diveristy in the industry
  • Enforce a Code of Ethics
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Your association as a software engineer

CanadaDev is the professional association of software engineers in Canada. CanadaDev provides meetups, networking, mentorship, advocacy, lobbying, leading edge content, employment opportunities, and discounts. We take our members to the next level!



Bevan Hunt