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The Member agrees that they shall, at all times while performing software development services or while otherwise engaged with the software development industry, strive to adhere to and further the ethical principles as set out below:

Solidarity: Respect and appreciate the work of all developers and workers, including ensure proper credit and intellectual property rights are given to applicable developers and promoting fair compensation for all such professionals.

Diversity: Ensure your workplace meets and exceeds increasing diversity standards and always represents a safe and respectful medium for each and every co-worker regardless of age, sex, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Mentoring: Do not degrade or diminish learners in the industry as you are a learner yourself. Help others in their learning journeys and embrace your role as a mentor. Be a friend and ally.

Engineering: Do not be a single point of failure in the software systems you build. Take all appropriate measures to ensure all software that you create meets or exceeds industry standards. Do not build software that can be easily used for illegal and/or unethical purposes.

Public Interest: Software should be made to serve all humanity. The autonomy and human rights of the individual is the prime directive in software creation, and accordingly must be taken into account with respect to all applicable decision making.

Security: Use the latest and best security practices, ensure user privacy, test your code, offer bug bounties, audits, fuzzing, and pen test.

Breaches: Immediately notify the community and authorities when a breach of any applicable law, regulation, or legal principle occurs.

Unionization: Do not impede unionization of your workplace.

Reporting: Report all breaches of this Code to CanadaDev.