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by CanadaDev/ on 05 Oct 2019

Senior Full Stack Developer

5+ Months Contract, based in Victoria.

Start Date of October 2019.

Government experience is an asset in this role. This migration project impacts all students in British Columbia, the current team are already present and working under Agile to materialise the best outcome.


  • RESTful API development, management and integration
  • Experience with Java, Spring, JavaScript, CSS3, ReactJS, Vue.js or similar frameworks
  • Experience with source control systems such as GIT and SVN
  • Experience with containerization, such as Docker, Kubernetes, or OpenShift
  • Experience with continuous delivery pipelines and automated testing
  • Experience with automated testing tools in a DevOps environment
  • Experience with authentication and authorization frameworks such as OAuth2
  • Experience building and deploying lightweight SpringBoot services

Deadline to apply is October 18th 2019, the majority (or 60%) of requirements above need to be met to be considered. Please only apply if you are based in Canada with a valid work permit.